Shimanto-Ashizuri area special product sale cheering party


List of Shimanto-Ashizuri area special product sale cheering party articles

Orange garden


We introduce orange garden!


 In Tatsukushi, Tosashimizu-shi of warm climate, we cultivate citrus fruit using organic fertilizer. Various citrus fruit such as ponkan orange, konatsu(citrus fruit), tongue perception, Buntan(citrus fruit) brought up for the sun and the sea breeze is sweet all and are delicious!


We introduce part of product of orange garden!


[konatsu(citrus fruit) (life)]

Konatsu(citrus fruit) of sweet, refreshing taste peels yellow skin of table with the point to bark apple and we cut into pieces and eat white skin of inside with touching.




 [ponkan orange (life)]

We peel crust and can eat as bag. It is sweet and is fresh and young and is delicious!



Product including shochu and soda which we made with fruit juice and citrus fruit which made citrus fruit juice besides is rich in orange garden!

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Orange garden

Address: 4163, Misaki, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi





Tanikawa orchard


In Tosashimizu City, we cultivate citrus fruits such as Ashizuri ponkan oranges, and is sold

We introduce product of Tanikawa orchard!



[Ashizuri ponkan orange]

We receive solar light of southern country and are ponkan orange which is brushed by the sea breeze, and grew up.




 Popular dekopon crossbred "Kiyomi" and "ponkan orange", and strong sweetness and plentiful fruit juice were made. Please come to snacks!



[konatsu(citrus fruit)]

 Moderate acidity and refreshing sweetness are konatsu(citrus fruit) of characteristic. We bark table as if peeling apple and we leave inside white skin and eat. 


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Tanikawa orchard

Address: 2151-2, Shimomashino, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi






Imura farm


We introduce product of Imura farm!



[konatsu(citrus fruit)]

The early April and mid-June is citrus fruit of seasonal refreshing sweetness.

We peel skin of table with the point to peel apple round and round and eat white skin of inside together with touching.


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Imura farm

Address: kochikendo*seisuishishuryo 1229



Welcome John-Mung Company


Surprise and impression!

We introduce welcome John-Mung Company! 

 It is cheerful company of developed and sold Tosashimizu such as special product, souvenir which kept "material" of Tosashimizu City which is present from the sea and mountain alive!



 The first hot seller is this!

Souda Bushi which soup stock is over well

 Souda Bushi which is special product of Tosashimizu City enters bottle, and flow into in soy sauce of errand in this at home, is shin kaserukoto two weeks with refrigerator. It is product that normal soy sauce is high in fragrance and transforms itself into soy sauce!

 This was taken a lot away in the media including NHK "asa ichi!" and, as souvenir of Tosashimizu City, completely colonized.


We introduce part of other products!


Glitter strap of fish

We make using big catch flag which local Ryoshi actually raised!




John-Mung card case

John-Mung lighthouse notebook

Lighthouse of New England that John Mung spent both of the United States is made by motif.


 In addition, it deals with seasoning using Souda Bushi, lot including picture book of great man, John Mung of native district!


The purchase of product, other inquiries to this↓


Welcome John-Mung Company

Address: 6-18, Tenjinmachi, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi

TEL & FAX0880-83-0085

(only as for reception hours /10:00~18:00, off / year-end and New Year holidays)





㈱Tosashimizu spirit project


㈱We introduce Tosashimizu spirit project!



 We process the sea, the mountains of Tosashimizu, good luck of field using the latest technique and sell and send for the whole country. It is new company established in 2008.


㈱We introduce product of Tosashimizu spirit project partly!



Come-on is this! Tosa soaked in Tosashimizu City saba fisherman

We easily soak Shimizu Saba(kind of mackerel) which is special product of Tosashimizu City at home and do to bowl and can eat! It is one article to boast of great popularity that was taken a lot up in the media such as NHK to!




☆Fish meal (Tosashimizu City saba of Tosa)

☆Fish meal (Ashizuri offing way of which)

※Fish meal is staple dish coming to Ryoshimachi Tosashimizu that cooked slice, seasoning of fresh fish with rice for a long time.





☆Sea curry (Tosashimizu City saba of Tosa)

  We untie mackerel which we roasted into a flake form by hand and add to soup which took soup stock at special product, the Tosashimizu City sabano backbone of Tosashimizu.

☆Sea curry (sect field bonito of Ashizuri)

 It is sum-flavored curry which adds the body of frigate mackerel to base, and finished easy soup stock which we took in special product, Souda Bushi of Tosashimizu.



There are many products as well as the above!

Order for product, other inquiries to this↓


㈱Tosashimizu spirit project

Address / 3182-150, Oki, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi



(the Regular Holiday: second 4 Saturday, Sundays and holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, tray period)


e-mail/info@tosashimizu-genki .com





Tosa food㈱


We introduce Tosa-shoku &Co.Ltd. which is famous for princess bonito!

 Special product of Tosashimizu City is Souda Bushi (we do so Dabu) used for stock, but, using frigate mackerel (so) which is the raw materials, is company which succeeded in branding as "princess bonito" which we can eat easily.


We introduce part of product of Tosa-shoku &Co.Ltd.!



Pole-and-line fishing princess bonito stick

 With sect field gatsuono stick which we made with the dried bonito manufacturing method, it is come-on of Tosa-shoku &Co.Ltd. Nutritive value such as DHA or taurine is high, too, and taste has seven kinds and variation, too. When we just eat and we break finely again and put on salad, how to eat is various♪



Pole-and-line fishing princess and food

 We only mix with freshly cooked white rice and can easily taste local cuisine of Tosa at home. It is sect field bonito, and, other than kanshin soy sauce style of photograph, there is sewing, too!



Pole-and-line fishing princess bonito Kakuni

 We stewed by sect field gatsuoo original seasoning slowly and carefully.



Dish simmered in pole-and-line fishing princess bonito soboro

 We boil with seasoning of sect field gatsuoo no addition and cook into a soboro form. It is recommended to onigiri, ingredients of ochazuke.



Dish simmered in pole-and-line fishing princess bonito yuzu flavor soboro

 To dish simmered in sect field gatsuonosoboro, we finished flavor using peel of citron from Umaji-mura, Kochi wealthily. 



Pole-and-line fishing princess bonito foods boiled in soy

 We cooked with sect field gatsuoo kelp from Hokkaido, konjac from Gunma.



Fisherman delicacy usugoro

 It is delicacy which only fisherman who great deal of effort puts sect field gatsuono heart, and stewed knows.




Pole-and-line fishing princess bonito Tatsukushi set

 It is seven princess bonito sticks, set product of two bags of princess bonito Kakuni.


There are many products as well as the above.

The purchase of product, other inquiries this way, please↓


Tosa food㈱

Address: 543, Misaki, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi


FAX: 0880-85-1511










㈲Niiya store


㈲We introduce Niiya store!

 He/she continues keeping traditional taste founded in 1921 under the idea "to be useful for health of people through Souda Bushi, and to contribute to community".


㈲We introduce part of product of Niiya store!



Sect field shavings of dried bonito

 There are lightly cut and thickness cut. Sharpening lightly hangs to rice and chilled tofu for stock again, and please use thickness cut for stock!



Powdery shavings of dried bonito

 After having taken stock as it is powder, it is just eatable with miso soup! We can fully take in calcium which does not begin to dissolve in stock!



mejika first fire clause

 Half-dried bonito which aburiken did good frigate mackerel of the freshness of local wood, and did flavor pickles. It is delicious even if we eat with rice to snacks of liquor again!


There are many products as well as the above!

The purchase of product, other inquiries this way, please↓

㈲Niiya store

Address: 610, Nakanohama, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi


(we accept until from 8:00 to 19:00)

FAX: 0880-82-9240 (24 hours acceptance)

Email: info@soudabushi .com (24 hours acceptance)






takemasa store


We introduce takemasa store!

 We are particular about the tradition manufacturing method and continue making "Souda Bushi" which is special product of Tosashimizu City since it was founded in 1912.

We introduce a part of the product of takemasa store!


mejikausu shavings of dried bonito

"mejika" is Alias of sect field gatsuo.

Miso soup which took soup stock in this is taste on pole!



We reduce Souda Bushi thickness

It is passage which we smoke slowly and carefully every day for 3-4 hours and finished for mejikao one week.

Please come to soup stock such as miso soup or oden!




Is Souda Bushi; and soy sauce

Just only put in the soy sauce of errand at home, of original provide; the completion of soy sauce! Knob, shiitake, kelp of size that it is easy to classify into soy sauce bottle are bundled.



Souda Bushi (powder)

We can have good miso soup of flavor just to just put in the miso soup when it is troublesome to take soup stock. We are good even if we sprinkle on okonomiyaki, Yakisoba!


There are many products as well as the above.

The purchase of product, other inquiries this way, please↓

takemasa store

Address: 236, Nakanohama, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi


FAX: 0880-82-9877






Supermarket Miyamura


Supermarket Miyamura

We introduce sanogo!



It is ingredients restaurant founded in 1975 in Misaki, Tosashimizu-shi. In late years he/she concentrates power on original product development including sauce of side dish and Tataki(seared bonito).


Supermarket Miyamura

We introduce part of sanno product!



Bonito Tataki(Seared fish)

In front of 6-7 people, bonito two sections, specially made who, spice, onion are bundled.




Dried fish

We made good fish of the freshness that grew up in mackerel, taste, the sea of Tosa including barracuda dried fish.


There are many products as well as the above!

The purchase of product, other inquiries this way, please↓

Supermarket Miyamura

Address: 4-1-5, Misakiura, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi








Ashizuri Kuroshio Marketplace


We introduce center Ashizuri Kuroshio Marketplace which is Tosashimizu Hill!



 He/she has dried fish, again local special product and souvenir of Tosashimizu City including cake from fresh fish abundantly. At restaurant corner, catch Shimizu Fishing Port in front in the morning while looking at coming and going fishing boat and can have seafoods that yukaku reno is fresh!


We introduce part of product of Ashizuri Kuroshio Marketplace!



Fisherman miso

It is miso which the cooking head of Ashizuri Kuroshio Marketplace puts great deal of effort and cooks. When fisherman went for fishing, we reproduced miso which we brought by all means. On hot rice, we match fresh vegetables well again!




Lover of Tataki(Seared fish)

Sauce of Tataki(seared bonito) handcrafted in Ashizuri Kuroshio Marketplace. Of course Tataki(seared bonito) and one excellent at affinity are available as normal ponzu vinegar. Photograph is 360 ml of size, but there is 150 ml of size, too.




Tosashimizu City sabasembei of Tosa

Live kinoii sesame mackerel produced off Tosashimizu City is Shimizu Saba(kind of mackerel). When senbei which we used abundantly bites the Shimizu Saba(kind of mackerel) one share, flavor of mackerel opens to fill the mouth. Photograph is large size (with 30 pieces), but there is small size (with 15 pieces), too.



The purchase of product, other inquiries this way, please↓

Ashizuri Kuroshio Marketplace

Address: 932-5, Shimizu, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi


Dial for exclusive use of product order: 0120-25-9640

FAX: 0880-83-0152








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