Japanese-Style Hotel Senryu

[the last update date: on June 30, 2018]

Appearance to let you feel some ... nostalgia 


Japanese-Style Hotel Senryu


It is family-like and provides lovingly prepared accommodation

Tatsukushi is in Ashizuri Uwa Sea underwater park, untouched nature

We stay much.

It is full of leisure of the sea such as diving or surf-fishing.

Seafood dishes course that meal examined seasonal foods closely

Pilgrimage course to heal tired body

We offer various plans such as room without meals courses that is most suitable for business.


Check-in 16:00

Check-out 10:00  


Japanese-Style Hotel Senryu

28-8, Tatsukushi, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi
Fax: 0880-85-0656

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