Tourist home Nishida

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A lot of highlight! Pilgrim is welcome, too!
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Tourist home Nishida


Missionary of time and accommodation which talks hot, and can encounter

Fine view bath of natural hot spring under eyes Isa fishing port!

Refresh power spot where chamber opens in ocean view, and scenery turns into.

See wind cleansing, aspect south white the sky, the sea, star, month; Big Dipper, idosakui, terikaerimikyakushita

Is car than Cape Ashizuri, Shikoku Pilgrimage 38th Kongofukuji Temple; approximately ten minutes. As for the coach, parking is possible

There are a lot of best fishing (Gres, parrot bass, sea bass isagi Kue(kind of fish)) points in ground beach in front.

Marine sightseeing, reservation of ferryboat for anglers fishing are possible, too, and senior can swim.

Meal is dinner which assumed the bottle bio center of the Pacific in front, as for the breakfast with hometown dishes of around eight articles of 1 juice

Reception. Once-in-a-lifetime chance, aichakitsuchaaihankitsushoku

In dining room (hall) part of daigyo* and several hundred points of the Kue(kind of fish), Shoryuji (the zeroth Fudasho (sacred site for pilgrimage)) of Xi'an, China

A lot of documents valuable now such as Shikoku, Spain, Bando, Chichibu hallowed ground concerned are display. There is, and there are gangs in unmissable value.

Pine tree 1,000 years green, drawing but a meager audience people of those days will, sukuisuitsukizaisho, gambling at cards incense batter

In the big river of the heavens that we maintain particularly year-end and New Year sunrise, sundown (Dharma) and four seasons in spring from autumn

Sacred place with mind that is seen, and can meet healing and reproduction, main character. Potalaka east gate, kyoojitsukaesa

All things in nature, all these make law sound, detachment from the six senses purification, and Buddha of one feeling

Meal, identification of Osamu win the first place model intellect, daily bad harvest in all things all day long.

Heart makes the world, and words make heart. Love word, love, memorial service joining hands


Check-in 15:30

Check-out     9:00


Tourist home Nishida
716-1, Ashizurimisaki, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi
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