Fourth place

Tatsukushi Sea Area Park
In the 1 place, 2-4 place can enjoy underwater scenery in glass boat by snorkeling and sea kayaking.

It was located in Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park, and Gulf of Tatsukushi that formed subtropical zone-like underwater scenery with coral and gorgeous fish was appointed as the first underwater park in our country. (1970)

Four areas (1-4 place) are pinpointed in inside of the gulf and can enjoy specific underwater scenery each.

Particularly, Shikoro-sango Coral colony of Minokoshi Gulf (fourth place) is appointed to natural monument of Kochi with the nation's largest thing.

As well as sea area park, there are facilities of strangely shaped rocks of Tatsukushi and Minokoshi Coast called geologic museum and marine model.

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Shikoro-sango Coral colony (fourth place) of Minokoshi Gulf
※Kochi natural monument

※About position [Tatsukushi-Minokoshi Strangely Shaped Rocks Park] of kakugoji, please see page.

First place
Table Coral or branch coral
(first place)
First place
Table Coral
(second place)
First place
Table Coral
(third place)

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