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Accommodation plan with recommended hands-on sightseeingWe introduce accommodation plan with hands-on sightseeing of Shimanto-Ashizuri area.
A lot of advantageous plans! Recommended.

Ashizuri star watching accommodation plan
Star watching to perform in Cape Ashizuri!

It is free trial of Ashizuri star watching accommodation plan hotel guest-limited.
All hotel guests can participate. We can accept until the day.
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⇒⇒⇒「Ashizuri Pacific Hotel Hanatsubaki accommodation plan

Ashizuri star watching accommodation plan
Star watching to perform in Cape Ashizuri!

The horizon opening before Ashizuri star watching accommodation plan Cape Ashizuri is panorama of 270 degrees.
It is hotel guest-limited free trial.
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⇒⇒⇒「Ashizuri International Hotel accommodation plan

Plan that is popular among pilgrims
It is recommended for pilgrim!

[pilgrim welcome] There is Sue seasoning and broiling fowl on a board / chowder / of chicken; / banquet dishes plan with meal (there is no figure structure) ♪ You soak yourself in Ashizuri hot spring with the 38th Fudasho (sacred site for pilgrimage) Kongofukuji Temple of a 10-minute walk, body which became tired, and please relax relaxedly.
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⇒⇒⇒「Misaki Hotel accommodation plan

On memorial day when two are important♪♪

Memorial day "plan running out of 50 years old -" size ♪ ♪ Owner of 15 years fully offers fresh seafood which we laid in stock of directly in market in whole cource of Japanese dishes in cook career!
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⇒⇒⇒「penshonsarai accommodation plan

Shimanto Area X Ashizuri area hands-on sightseeing
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