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The recommended accommodations
Cape Ashizuri areaWe see map
Ashizuri Onsenkyo
Ashizuri International Hotel
  0880-88-0201 FAX: 0880-88-1135  We researched!
Ashizuri Pacific Hotel Hanatsubaki
  0880-88-1111 FAX: 0880-88-1118  We researched!
Ashizuri Thermae
  0880-88-0301 FAX: 0880-88-0344  We researched!
Hotel Ashizuri-en
  0880-88-0206 FAX: 0880-88-0033  We researched!
Hotel Kaijokan
  0880-88-0503 FAX: 0880-88-0211  We researched!
Ashizuri Sunnyside Hotel
  0880-88-0331 FAX: 0880-88-0247  We researched!
Other accommodations
Ashizuri Youth Hostel
  0880-88-0324 FAX: 0880-88-0327  We researched!
Hotel Tsubaki-so
  0880-88-0226 FAX: 0880-88-0227  We researched!
Ocean View seaside inn Fukuyama
  0880-88-0929 FAX: We researched in 0880-88-0930!
Minshuku Kotobuki
  0880-88-0513 FAX: 0880-88-0513  We researched!
Tourist home Ashizuri Hatto
  0880-88-0753  ----         We researched!
Tourist home Tamura
  0880-88-0605 FAX: 0880-88-1001  We researched!
Touris home Hukuda-ya
  0880-88-0529 FAX: 0880-88-1680  We researched!
Lodging Nishida
  0880-88-0025 FAX: 0880-88-0678  We researched!
  0880-88-1010 FAX: 0880-88-1030  We researched!
Pension Tsuri-no-sato
  0880-88-0335 FAX: 0880-88-0035  We researched!
Tourist home Ao-misaki
  0880-88-1955 FAX: 0880-88-1956  We researched!
City areaWe see map
House of lodging mandarin orange
  0880-83-0121  ----         We researched!
Hotel Nansui(for business people)
  0880-82-2777 FAX: 0880-82-3666  We researched!
Japanese-style Hotel Nansui
  0880-82-0043 FAX: 0880-82-0234  We researched!
  0880-82-0606 FAX: 0880-82-1597  We researched!
Tourist home Hayakawa
  0880-82-0889  ----         We researched!
Tosa Tourist home Ohira
  0880-82-1576  ----         We researched!
Onjuku Kyoya
  090-8972-3491  ----         We researched!
Pension Ki-no-kujira
  0880-83-0377 FAX: 0880-83-0378  We researched!
Accommodation Ashizuri club of room without meals
  0880-83-0183  ----         We researched!
Tatsukushi areaWe see map
Hotel Nangoku
  0880-85-0109 FAX: 0880-85-0107  We researched!
Japanese-Style Hotel Senryu
  0880-85-0257 FAX: 0880-85-0656  We researched!
Hotel Orange
  0880-85-0146 FAX: 0880-85-0326  We researched!
OthersWe see map
Tourist home Tabiji
  0880-82-8428 FAX: 0880-82-8428  We researched!

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