Ashizuri diving center

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 You swim with jimbeezame, and do you not see?20160809133326.gif

20160729153450.JPGState of Scuba Diving Experience


We met on that day…"Globefish" and "sea horse" 20160729153601.jpg
Ashizuri diving center 


○jimbeesuimu or jimbeedaibingu (until ... October 10)

Reception hours: From 9:00 to 16:00

Held Location: Iburikou bay

Meeting Location: Main store or Iburikou bay

The time required: Approximately one hour (we include at moving time)

Experience charges :8,000 yen - 12,000 yen (we include passage fare rental, distinction) per person


○Do you not do Scuba Diving Experience? ※Fourth grader ...

The departure time: 9:00, 13:30

The time required: Approximately three hours

Conduct day :From May to October ※By the situation of the sea, it may be called off.

Experience charges :Of 13000 yen per person (we include boat, machine parts rental)


※Please confirm the detailed details on homepage.



Ashizuri diving center
3-3, Hamamachi, Tosashimizu-shi
HP: http://www.ashizuri-dc.com/


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