Tourist home Ashizuri Hatto

[the last update date: on June 9, 2016]

 If want to eat delicious fish; ...
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Tourist home Ashizuri Hatto which ferryboat for anglers ferryman is doing


Small lodging featuring Australia lively fish dishes running ferryboat for anglers

"Circle was used for fishing fool diary ferry steamer suddenly".

We are impressed by all means when we eat Shimizu Saba(kind of mackerel)!

Fish is fresh. We offer sashimi in slices of fresh raw fish.

Come to the best Cape Ashizuri for surf-fishing by all means.


Tourist home Ashizuri Hatto
641-1, Ashizurimisaki, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi
Fax: 0880-88-0801
HP: http://www.ashizurihatto.com/


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