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Tatsukushi-minokoshi-kigan Park "Minokoshi Shore"

[the last update date: on January 7, 2016]

Cape Chihiro of Tatsukushi Sea Area Park has Minokoshi Coast.

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Because Kobo-daishi too had this ground left unseen to walk because it is difficult place, it is said that we had "Minokoshi Coast" and the name.

Abrasion platform which sandstone caught erosion by the sea and wind erosion like Tatsukushi Coast, and was formed opened, but protection from the wind did not seem to be able to readily see huge scenery this 2,000 years ago other than the fisherman who used Minokoshi Gulf because what went on foot was difficult.

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"The Spiral Rock"

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"Rock of love"

Shikoro-sango Coral colony of this Minokoshi Gulf is appointed to natural monument of Kochi with the nation's largest thing.
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We are coming to be able to pass to Minokoshi Coast in glass boat now.

◎Glass boat administration supplier is two.
Tatsukushi Marine Sightseeing(Glass-bottomed Boat) 0880-85-1155
Tatsukushi Sightseeing Stemboat(Glass-bottomed Boat) 0880-85-0037

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