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Cape Ashizuri Lighthouse

[the last update date: on February 1, 2018]

"Cape Ashizuri Lighthouse"
We reached the lighting 100th anniversary on April 1, 2014!

File 140-1 .jpg
Lighthouse of white wall standing on precipice of Cape Ashizuri.
18m in height, luminous intensity 460,000 cd, light range 38km.

※About luminous intensity
The way of measurement of luminous intensity is different at the time of lighthouse construction and is becoming 460,000 cd now.

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We continue watching security of ship coming and going in the offing ever since it was turned on in one of the largest lighthouses in our country in 1914 by (1914).
Vast panorama of the Pacific and scenery full of poetic sentiment enjoy, romantic mood perfect score.
※We cannot enter lighthouse.

File 140-3 .jpg
Lighthouse of white wall becomes symbol of Cape Ashizuri.

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In addition, as for the Tengu-no-hana Observatory which is down the promenade approximately 300 meters on foot from lighthouse, it is in little-known spot spot looking at lighthouse.
※"Nose" means "cape" in Ashizuri.

Person in charge of sightseeing in Tosashimizu City Hall sightseeing business and industry section (Phone: 0880-82-1212)

Tosashimizu John Manjiro Kuroshio Shachu