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Hakusandoumon Sea Cave

[the last update date: on January 6, 2016]

Hakusandoumon Sea Cave

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Sea cave at the Cape Ashizuri tip.
Big wave of the Pacific rushing violently empties 16m in height, 17m in width, big hole of 15m in depth into big rocky mountain.
We received designation of natural monument of Kochi with biggest in Japan grade in cave opening made of granite in 1953.
Through promenade, we go down stairs and can go to neighborhood immediately!
 ※We recommend that we go with sneakers.

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Scenery from the sea can consider that we use ferryboat for anglers, too.

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We can see from "John Mung Footbath" in parking lot opposite side of Hotel Tsubaki-so!

※As you are very dangerous at the time of bad weather, please refrain from deno visits close at hand.

Detailed information of "John Mung Footbath" is ⇒ from this

Reference is this!
Tosashimizu City Hall

Tosashimizu John Manjiro Kuroshio Shachu