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The Statue of John Mung

[the last update date: on February 1, 2018]

The Statue of John Mung

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After going over to the United States as Japanese for the first time approximately 170 years ago, and having learned English or the navigation, surveying, we go back to Japan for the national seclusion era.
John Mung which also left great achievement in the Japanese daybreak and international exchange.
Manjiro Nakahama and he who gave his name were born in current Nakanohama, Tosashimizu-shi as child of fisherman later in 1827.

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As for the The Statue of John Mung, unveiling ceremony was held in July, 1968 (Showa 43).

Compasses and triangle are grasped in hand of bronze statue. It is indispensable to voyage and surveying.

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It is clear that there was eye opening of Ryoma Sakamoto from experience of Manjiro including democratic thought and lifestyle, culture in foreign country.
Besides, Manjiro had a great influence on great man, Taisuke Itagaki, Chomin Nakae, Yataro Iwasaki of Tosa.
Bronze statue of Manjiro nestles on the Cape Ashizuri tip as if we fix our eyes on the world sea which oneself sailed earlier of the Pacific.

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