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Ashizuri area Tatsukushi Sea Area Park Scuba Diving Experience

[the last update date: on April 1, 2014]

-We introduce -----"Tatsukushi Sea Area Park Scuba Diving Experience". -- - - - -

★Flow of hands-on sightseeing★

We prepare with reception desk, the staff at meeting place

By ship to Scuba Diving Experience point

Diving class

Return to port, putting in order, change of clothes
We dissolve Charge for the activity after the payment.
 (class costs, device rental, boat passage fare, the facility fee for use are included in contents.)
 (we refer to promoter site in detail. )

File 92-1.jpg
Tatsukushi Diving Center  (the Tatsukushi municipal parking lot)
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[as for the video]

●Conduct period /4 moon - November
●It is 00 and 13:00 starting time /9
●Conduct place / Tatsukushi
●Meeting place / Tatsukushi Diving Center  
●Charge for the activity, time required /
 1 beach diving 12,000 yen (approximately three hours)
 2 beach diving 16,500 yen (there is approximately six hours, break)
 1 boat diving 13,500 yen (approximately three hours)
 2 boat diving 18,000 yen (there is approximately six hours, break)

●Repuired number of people /1 name ... (10 years old or older)
●Reservation of hands-on sightseeing: By 17:00 on the day before (when even on the day application receptionist is possible when there is space in the afternoon existence.)

Tatsukushi Diving Center 
TEL, FAX/0880-85-0790

★Recommended point★
Even beginner can experience casually.
At first practice in shallows, little by little in the sea.
Let's go to encounter coral and colorful tropical fish (anemone fish) inhabiting the sea of Tatsukushi having high transparency!

※It is called off in stormy weather.
※We become guide who is simultaneous with one applied for each. (not correspondence by reservations.)