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At the southernmost tip [Cape Ashizuri] of Ashizuri area Shikoku, we experience pilgrimage sermon

[the last update date: on January 12, 2016]
-We introduce -----"Ashizuri Pilgrimage Sermon". -- - - - -

 We talk hot and, at Cape Ashizuri new power spot, can meet missionary of the times (time).
Kongofukuji Temple official recognition guide of the 38th Fudasho (sacred site for pilgrimage).
In venue, there are axes of Shikoku 88 ke temple, special hallowed ground, Spain, Bando, hanging scroll of Chichibu and red seal of Xi'an Shoryuji, China.

★Flow of hands-on sightseeing★

We gather at meeting place and accept (payment of experience charges)

In venue, it is commented on sermon experience, hanging scroll

We get souvenir (than accommodation and Kongofukuji Temple) after the end and are dissolved. Joining hands.

File 60-1.jpg 
↑"Pilgrims' lodge, lodging Nishida" of venue

File 60-2.jpg 
↑Lobbies include hanging scrolls a lot.

File 60-3.jpg 
↑It is pilgrimage sermon venue.

File 60-4.jpg 
↑The Pacific which flows through Kuroshio Current before one of eyes. Cape Ashizuri has Shikoku Pilgrimage 38th Fudasho (sacred site for pilgrimage) Kongofukuji Temple.

●Conduct period / whole year
●Starting time /19 30 (possible by advance reservations even in the daytime):
●Time required / approximately 50 minutes
●Conduct place / pilgrims' lodge, lodging Nishida
●Meeting place / pilgrims' lodge, lodging Nishida
●Charge for the activity /500 Japanese yen (as for the under primary school children, free)
●Repuired number of people /2 name - 45
●Reservation of hands-on sightseeing: Up to three days before.

Lodging (pilgrims' lodge) Nishida

◎For the year-end and New Year holidays, please note that reservation may not be received in GW, the Bon Festival season or no vacancies.
◎Sermon time is 50 minutes, but shortens if there is hope of customer at time.
◎Coach can park, too.

As for pilgrims' lodge, lodging Nishida hotel guest, experience charges of pilgrimage sermon become free. We put together at the time of reservation beforehand, and I would like application.