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Shimanto Area area elation! ★Shimanto River Ring-ring Cycle★

[the last update date: on May 29, 2014]

We experience magnificent Shimanto River entirely, and it is "Shimanto River Ring-ring Cycle".

It becomes transportation from JR Ekawasaki Station to Shimanto City (Tosa Kuroshio Railway Nakamura Station).
From the upper reaches, it eases almost and is sure that is refreshing, thing!

★Flow of hands-on sightseeing★
 [beforehand promoter [Shimanto Area, river station Canoe Kan(Shimanto River Station)] You pass, and please make a reservation. (the following details)]

Reception desk, the staff are guides including attention at rental place

By mountain bike, we enjoy Shimanto River! (be careful about car!)

We return mountain bike to return place.

File 35-1.jpgFile 35-2.jpgFile 35-3.jpg

●Conduct period / whole year (some facilities have regular holiday)
●It is 30 - 17:00 /8 at rental time
●Use time /1 day
●The conduct place / Shimanto River outskirts
●Rental, return place / map is the following.
[1] Hurusato tourist information
[2] Canoe Kan(Shimanto River Station)
[3] Shimanto Gakusha
[4] Farmhouse Restaurant Shaenjiri
[5] Kawarakko(Canoeing and Camping Center)
[6] Shimanto City Tourism Association
[7] New Royal Hotel Shimanto
※In the use, please refer to the following picture file by all means.
 (attention, discount are helpful information)
File 35-4.jpg File 35-5.jpg
●Charge for the activity /
 1,500 yen /1 stand [it becomes the business hours on the day of (rental on 1st.) ]
 2,000 yen /1 stand [until the same time from time when we borrowed to the next day]
●Repuired number of people /1 name (nothing) ...
●Reservation of hands-on sightseeing: By the day before

[Shimanto Area, river station Canoe Kan(Shimanto River Station)]
1111-11, Nishitosamochii, Shimanto-shi, Kochi
TEL 0880-52-2121 FAX 0880-52-2424
※Apply on the telephone by all means.

※Bicycle becomes only 26 inches of size.
※Please connect with [Canoe Kan(Shimanto River Station)] within business hours by 17:00 when you cannot arrive at terminal (night return) when you change plan of.
※Ekawasaki Station terminal Canoe Kan(Shimanto River Station) terminal → To Shimanto Area city area, it is Shimanto Area city area → To Ekawasaki Station terminal Canoe Kan(Shimanto River Station) terminal,
  Please plan with margin more than four hours.
※[Canoe Kan(Shimanto River Station)] Then we can send baggage in Yu-pack. Please refer to [Canoe Kan(Shimanto River Station)] at the shipment time.
[Shimanto Area, river station Canoe Kan(Shimanto River Station)]   0880-52-2121/ Business Hours: From 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.