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Have Ashizuri area "Tatsukushi" left unseen; strangely shaped rocks tour

[the last update date: on April 16, 2016]

-"We have left unseen, and----introduces strangely shaped rocks tour" -. -- - - - -

It is tour around "Minokoshi Coast" and coral crowd of difficult place in being natural beauty spot. We get on glass boat and, on seeing coral and tropical fish, go ashore in Minokoshi Coast. Local guide shows around powerful kenzan shino strangely shaped rocks carefully.

★Flow of hands-on sightseeing★

We join reception desk [payment of experience charges], tour guide at meeting place.

We get on glass boat and admire among the seas of Tatsukushi Sea Area Park

"Shikoro-sango Coral group" of Minokoshi Gulf admiration ※Natural monument of Kochi

We go ashore, and strangely shaped rocks park of "Minokoshi Shore" is taken a walk through by guidance of tour guide coming alongside the pier by Minokoshi Coast.

We get on glass boat and return to port.
After the arrival, we are dissolved. Thank you.

File 224-1 .jpg
↑"Tatsukushi Sightseeing Stemboat(Glass-bottomed Boat) ticket office" of meeting place

File 224-2 .jpg
↑Natural monument Shikoro-sango Coral group of Kochi.

File 224-3 .jpg
↑Tour guide guides carefully happily!

File 224-4 .jpg
↑kenzan shino strangely shaped rocks "the Castle of Honeycomb"

●Conduct period / whole year [reservation required]
●Time required / approximately 90 minutes
●Meeting place / Tatsukushi Sightseeing Stemboat(Glass-bottomed Boat) ticket office
●Charge for the activity / guide charges /1000 Japanese yen (to 1-10 people)
      Passage fare / adult 1,560 yen, primary and secondary student 780 yen
●By 17:00 before reservation /3 day of hands-on sightseeing

Tatsukushi Sightseeing Stemboat(Glass-bottomed Boat)
19-10, Tatsukushi, Tosashimizu-shi, Kochi
[Business Hours: 8:00-17:00 (from March to November)
      From 8:00 to 16:30 (from December to February)]
[FAX] 0880-85-0632
[HP] ※Please contact by telephone, fax.

※Guide charges and the total of glass boat passage fare are experience charges.
※In stormy weather, there are change and cancellation of experience-based place.
※High-heeled shoes taking a walk through the shore of nature are impossible. We recommend participation with sports shoes.