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We go down stream of Shimanto Area Elias low Raft

[the last update date: on May 29, 2014]

-We introduce -----"throw Raft punting". -- - - - -

★Flow of hands-on sightseeing★
 [please reserve promoter to "village Kawarakko(Canoeing and Camping Center) of Shimanto Area canoe and camping" beforehand.]

On the day we gather at meeting place.
We actually start reception desk, Charge for the activity after the payment!

We move to Start
(when approximately 4km guidance, at 13:00 are from "Kawarakko(Canoeing and Camping Center)" right under, at 9:30 becomes from "Kawarakko(Canoeing and Camping Center)" the upper reaches.)

Class (steerage method, emergency escape method) by guide

Punting (approximately 120 minutes) of approximately 3km

(as for at 9:30 "Kawarakko(Canoeing and Camping Center)" as for at 13:00 from "Kawarakko(Canoeing and Camping Center)" down stream approximately 3km point)

File 142-1 .jpg File 142-2 .jpg⇒ 
File 142-3 .jpg File 142-4 .jpg⇒ 

●Conduct period / whole year () on Monday Regular Holiday: [Monday in the case of holiday on the next day in closed days in transfer ※ 7, August and September without holiday
●It is 00 and 12:30 /9 at the meeting time
●Meeting place / Kawarakko(Canoeing and Camping Center) map is this.
●Time required /150 share
●Shimanto River of conduct place / Kawarakko(Canoeing and Camping Center) neighborhood
●Charge for the activity /3, 600 yen (adult), 2,600 yen (junior high student - primary schoolchild), 1,600 yen (5 years old or older << preschool child >>)
●Repuired number of people /2 - seven 
[as for the The running situation this]

Village Kawarakko(Canoeing and Camping Center) of Shimanto Area canoe and camping
24, Tadenokawa, Shimanto-shi, Kochi
TEL 0880-31-8400 FAX 0880-31-8401
※Please contact in telephone, fax, e-mail.

★Recommended point★
River goes down relaxedly, and there is while enjoying unhurried flow and scenery of Sinking Bridge.
In families, you do river descent happily noisily in group, and do you not enjoy nature of Shimanto River?

※We can share with adult if older than 5 years old.
※It is called off in stormy weather.
※In addition, please participate with appearance that clothes may get wet with water.